Wallet, keys, mobile phone, …. the most personal of our daily gadgets has become the primary device through which we socialize and consume.

LibancallPlus provides solutions that enable consumers to use mobile micropayment for purchasing goods and services anytime anywhere, online or on mobile, using our direct connections with operators.

LibancallPlus Direct Billing provides mobile network operators with a direct billing solution that integrates seamlessly with their billing platform enabling them to catch the mobile commerce wave.

LibancallPlus Direct Billing is provided as a fully managed service that minimizes the mobile operator’s time and resources. We offer a direct billing API that enables third parties to launch mobile commerce services.

Whether subscription-based services, prepaid services, post-paid services, billed services or online products, LibancallPlus provides the best mobile payment solution needed to facilitate money collection processes and customer’s payment methods.

A Strong Alternative for Payment Methods

Direct Operator Billing is a strong alternative to other payment channels. It allows merchants to charge goods and services directly to the users’ phone bill.

Platform Features

LibancallPlus Operator Billing platform delivers a list of advanced features based on merchants & clients’ needs.

Main features

  • Can be easily integrated with any application or online solution to charge end-user payments to the carrier´s mobile phone subscription bill.
  • Offers flexibility pricing
  • Works with 3G and/or Wi-Fi
  • Provides high quality, direct server to server billing

Technical features

  • Enables content purchase, app purchase or in-app purchase
  • Supports on-going subscriptions
  • Provides secure consumer authentication capabilities
  • Allows refund capabilities

Customer Care Features

  • Mobile and PC web payment solution
  • Customer care tools: refund, manage, trace, audit…
  • Detailed billing reports and statements
  • Risk and fraud management

Why LibanCall Plus?

  • Cross-Platform Mobile Payments API: one integration, works on any computer, tablet, smartphone, feature phone or smart TV.
  • Self-service setup. Go Live promptly with fast integration into your service
  • Multiple advanced features uniquely provided through this platform including refund

Why DOB?

  • Very simple system and familiar to end-users.
  • No need to upload contents.
  • Flexible to use with all types of applications.
  • One factor required to process the billing
  • Bigger target market

Flexible Billing Options

One Time Payment: One-time payment allows merchants to charge users for one-off purchases with a single transaction

Subscription: A recurring payment model allows merchants to charge subscribed users for a service or product on a periodic basis (daily, weekly, monthly).

Integration with A Standard API

The DOB is implemented by merchants easily and quickly. The technical integration is operated through a very simple HTTP request that indicates all the parameters that are useful for payments.

DOB Reporting Tool

A reporting tool is available online for registered merchants to access transactional and account information.

Real-time updates for all payment transactions associated with a merchant’s one-time and subscription service is available.

Rules and Regulations

All services have to be used in a manner which complies with all applicable laws, regulations, codes of conduct and telecom operator requirements.

How DOB works

  • Step 1 User sends DOB purchase for the DOB system through mobile app or web and receives in return a PIN code generation by SMS.
  • Step 2 User enters the verification code and sends a billing request to the operator though the DOB system.
  • Step 3 The operator replies whether the request was successful or a failure and sends back an SMS through the DOB system to the user to confirm the payment status.

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