LIBANCALL is one of the pioneers in launching Interactive TV services in the Middle East and the Arab region. It has designed and implemented ITV systems for more than channels in the region, from screen layouts, to designs and animations. An expert in the field of Interactive TV, LIBANCALL shares know-how and experience, and plays a key role in the development of the business and the improvement of the initial service.

LIBANCALL further offers the telecom part of the Interactive TV service: short code numbers to 14 countries and 31 Operators across the region through which users can interact in the context of the service. A negotiable revenue sharing scheme is applied for these short-code numbers that LIBANCALL operates and hosts.


LIBANCALL developed Interactive TV solutions across the region irrespective of the presence of a supportive hardware.

However, solutions with hardware are more sustainable and solid. In fact, we use one of the best hardware technologies that facilitate the development of rich and powerful Interactive TV applications: Harris Inscriber RTX, Harris Nexio, and Avid DekoCast. Detailed information on the hardware is available on our website.

Harris - Inscriber RTX Leitch's Inca RTX play back studio is a powerful hardware having high capabilities for interactivity, animation, and graphical display. Inca RTX is widely regarded as the most flexible and capable real-time 2D/3D graphics, video and animation platform available. With the latest version adding real-time support for both HD and SD applications, Inca RTX is ideal for customers continuing to work in both domains. You can choose to purchase this hardware from any authorized dealer, or directly through us.

Harris - Nexio is a video server system purpose-built to provide a foundation for any media facility. It’s the backbone of a streamlined infrastructure, ready to produce, process, distribute and manage any kind of content thrown its way.

NEXIO™ XS is ready to tackle any required job: Ingest and playback of SD/HD content, coding and decoding of SD/HD media, editing of SD/HD video — there’s nothing NEXIO™ XS can’t do.

Avid - DekoCast is a powerful single-box solution for delivering sophisticated graphics and branding. Broadcasters worldwide rely on DekoCast for a wide range of on-air edge applications including channel branding, in-program promotions and advertising, sophisticated credit sequences, weather, and other data-driven alerts. DekoCast combines a comprehensive set of real-time video, graphics, effects and audio capabilities into a single system that can be integrated with any traffic or automation system. It generates real-time Deko graphics layers including multi-row crawls, rolls, still images and animating text.


LIBANCALL provides several software options to be used with the graphics server.

  1. SMS2TV
  2. Voting2TV
  3. Live Chat
  4. Full Screen TV
  5. Games & Quiz Application
  6. Logo Generator
  7. On Air Graphics Animation
  8. Advertisement Tools
  9. Live Multimedia Playing


The TV channel can outsource the operation of the control room to LIBANCALL who will handle operation payment, maintenance, and support of the applications. The hosting operation takes place in LIBANCALL premises in Nilesat.


LIBANCALL provides all the integration of hardware and software needed to run and host the applications for your TV station. All necessary training for the station’s technical personnel is given as well. The concerned people will be able to perform some changes to the layout and output by themselves.


LIBANCALL Support and Filtration team is available 24/7 to promptly respond to any request. The management and filtration solution also features an SMS gateway software for SMS collection & Logs, and a filtration engine including administration interface and management tools.

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