In a world of continuous movement and change, no one is glad to wait! Yet, waiting over the line is a pleasant experience when the line owner has a special ringback tone.

The ringback tone is a mobile service which allows the user to replace the traditional waiting tone which callers hear when they dial his/her number with a song, piece of music, joke or message of their own choice.

LIBANCALL Plus offers the user a great variety of content to choose his/her favorite ringback tone and personalize his/her line.

The user can also choose to set a tone to be heard by a specific number only, so that when the caller dials the user’s number, he/she exclusively hears the song whereas other callers continue to hear either the traditional waiting tone or any other song set to all other numbers.

The user can benefit from several other options. For instance, he/she can record his/her own message or choose different ringback tones for different times of the day or even choose a status tone revealing his/her current state or situation.

LIBANCALL Plus operates and manages this service from A to Z offering its customers the opportunity to please their callers and even make their day.

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